Basic Treatments for Skin Care

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Basic Treatments for Skin Care
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One of the fundamentals to get have a beautiful and healthy skin is cleansing. It is advisable to carry out this process both in the morning and at night, not only as a matter of hygiene, but also because this way the dermis will be more receptive to any further treatment which apply on it. Products to be used will depend on the type of skin we have - either dry, oily or mixed - and can range from foam or cleaning gels that clarification with water up to others as the cleansing milks, water micelle or oils, more oriented to dry skin by its high content of moisturizing agents.

Once this stage is completed, we come to the second key step consisting of hydration, nutrition and protection of the skin. As in the case of the cleaning process, to use products will definitely depend on the type of skin you have. In the dermis fat trend, for example, we will not just apply creams, unless they are in an exceptional situation of dehydration, for what you can use gel, serum or oil-free cream. Dry skin, on the other hand, involve a greater dedication and care having to choose specific creams for day and products nutritional for the end of the day.Here Cellulite Review

For more specific problems such as varicose veins, cellulite, flabby skins or the excesses of liquids there are numerous techniques that can complement traditional methods based on cosmetic products. It is the case of Mesotherapy, plasma rich in growth factors, manual lymphatic drainage, and electro stimulation with Russian waves, radiofrequency, ozone therapy or carboxy therapy.
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